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MusclePlexx Muscle Builder

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What Is It?
MusclePlexx is the world’s finest testosterone booster & performance enhancer.

Why Would I Take It?
If you are a male suffering from low testosterone which can lead to lack of energy, low sex drive, and longer recovery time than MusclePlexx is for you!

How Does this Work?
MusclePlexx uses the combination of three unique blends. The first blend (Androgenic Amplification) targets low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, & muscular growth. The second blend (hyperandrogenic mitigators) targets prostate health, and reduces estrogen to balance out your hormones with the increase of testosterone. The third & final blend (Phytoandrogens) targets male fertility and sexual health!

How Much Should I Take?
The recommendation is 6 capsules a day. 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules 60 minutes before a workout. Look under the suggested use for recommendations on all of our products!
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