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Hydra Titan Charged Aminos

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What Is It?
Hydra Titan Charged is our recovery/electrolyte matrix with an added energy boost!

Why Would I Take It?
Everyday your body needs to rebuild, and that is true whether you go to the gym or not! Hydra Titan Charged repairs the damage you take on in the gym while giving you energy to crush your workout!

How Does this Work?
Hydra Titan Charged takes recovery to a whole new level. It starts by replenishing what is lost with the use of amino acids (the building blocks for recovery). From there it uses electrolytes paired with coconut water to hydrate your future workouts! Just wait that’s not all, we made sure to add 150mg of caffeine to this one for an extra kick during your workouts.

How Much Should I Take?
The recommendation is to take one to two scoops before, and during strenuous exercise. Mix one (1) scoop with at least 6-8oz of water.

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